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Neck Rehabilitation

Begin warming up the neck by gently flexing, extending and rotating without producing any pain. Perform for 30 seconds, keeping the neck in constant motion. If movement is painful, try ice or heat.
Tuck one arm behind to the lower back. Grab the head with the opposite hand and gently pull the head towards the same shoulder. Hold that position for 30 seconds.  Perform on both sides.  This exercise can be performed while sitting or standing.
Apply gentle pressure just above the collarbone, on the right side of the throat. Gently lean the head back and rotate to the left side. Hold for 30 seconds. Perform on both sides.
Resisted Angular Neck Rehabilitation

Keep the head in a neutral posture at all times. Place the hand(s) on either the side, back, or front of the head, each hand position is a separate exercise. Push the head into the direction of the hand, matching the resistance with your hand.  Hold for 20 seconds. The muscles of the neck should ‘turn on’ but the head shouldn’t change position. Perform in all four directions.

Chin Tucks

Stand comfortably against a wall. Without flexing the head down towards the chest, tuck the chin inwards (creating a double chin) and attempt to elongate the back of the neck. Hold the tucked position for 3-5 seconds and repeat 10 times.