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Low Back Rehabilitation

The first step to recovering from any injury is keeping the muscles pliable and joints warmed-up. Before performing any rehabilitation exercises ensure the tissues have been adequately prepped. Foam Rolling, cat camel exercise, and dynamic low back stretching are all great methods.

Curl Up

Begin by lying flat on the back. Place your hands on the small of the back to add more support. Keep one leg straight and bend the other. Pretend that you are lying on weight scale then lift the head, neck and shoulders just off the ground enough to make the scale go to ‘0’. Keep the back straight through the whole movement. Brace the core through the movement.

Side Plank

Laying on your side support the body on the forearm. Place the front leg in front of the back leg. Keep the core tight and spine straight. Lift the torso off the ground to create a straight line with the body hold that position anchored by the forearm and feet

Bird Dog

Start on hands and knees. Keep the core tight at all times then slowly extend the opposite arm and leg until they are straight. Hold in this position for 3-5 seconds. Return to the starting position then repeat with opposite arm and leg. Make sure the movements are slow and controlled. Concentrate on keeping the back flat while extending the arm/leg and core tight.

Dead Bug

Begin lying on your back with the hips and knees bent to 90 degrees with the arms straight up. Brace the core and push the low back into the floor. Slowly lower the right leg and left arm down towards the ground. Ensure a slow and controlled movement. Maintain the low back bracing into the floor, if fatigue causes it to come off the ground stop the exercise. Repeat with the opposite arm/leg.