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Lower Limb Rehab

Lower Limb Rehab

Before performing any of these exercises ensure the low back and legs are sufficiently warmed-up. Foam rolling and light cardio should be performed.

Monster Band Walks

Begin by wrapping a band around either both feet (at the ankles) or just below the knee joint (on image). Stand in an athletic stance and take a large side shuffle step in a lateral direction. Continue to side step for a given distance (50ft) until the glutes fatigue. Then shuffle in the opposite direction to train the opposite leg. Shuffling back and forth down a hallway works well.

Glute- Ham Raise

Lying on your back with your feet firmly on the floor and knees bent. Wrap the band around the knees just below the kneecap. Start by pushing your knees outward against the resistance then push through the heels to lift the pelvis off the ground. At the top of the movement squeeze the glutes and core and hold for 2-3 seconds then return back to the starting position. Repeat.

One Legged Romanian Deadlift

This exercise can be performed with or without weights. Begin with feet together keep a slight bend in the stance foot then slowly raise the opposite foot as your torso leans forward. The back and raised leg should create a straight line. Squeeze the glute of the raised leg and don’t let the pelvis drop to either side. Keep the movement slow and controlled.

Side-Lying Abduction

Start by lying on your side with the top leg in front of the back leg (top image). Then, squeeze the glutes and raise the top leg up and back in a diagonal plane. Repeat until the glutes feel fatigued. Always maintain a slow and controlled movement.