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Low Back Rehabilitation

The first step to recovering from any injury is keeping the muscles pliable and joints warmed-up. Before performing any rehabilitation exercises ensure the tissues have been adequately prepped. Foam Rolling, cat camel exercise, and dynamic low back stretching are all...

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Neck Rehabilitation

Begin warming up the neck by gently flexing, extending and rotating without producing any pain. Perform for 30 seconds, keeping the neck in constant motion. If movement is painful, try ice or heat. Tuck one arm behind to the lower back. Grab the head with the opposite...

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Gluteal Stretch Seated in a chair cross one leg over the other until leg is parallel with the ground. Gently lean forward and push down on the knee or lift the knee up towards the chest and push it across the body to desired stretch. Left Image: Place your...

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Lower Limb Rehab

Lower Limb Rehab Before performing any of these exercises ensure the low back and legs are sufficiently warmed-up. Foam rolling and light cardio should be performed. Monster Band Walks Begin by wrapping a band around either both feet (at the ankles) or...

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5 Steps to Reduce Low Back Pain

5 Steps to Reduce Low Back Pain 1) Keep Posture in Mind Proper posture ensures that our low back works efficiently. We need our bones to be the anchoring points for our muscles and ligaments. When we slouch certain muscles get overly shortened (anterior...

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Shoulder Rehab

Shoulder Rehab Pendulum Exercise Leaning over a table or couch let the arm fully relax down toward the ground. Move the arm in a circular or up and down fashion and feel the gentle traction of the arm against the shoulder socket. To increase the traction forces add...

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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Statistics The top MSK reason to visit your MD or Chiropractor Leads to 40% of missed worked days In a six month period, 5/10 Canadians suffer from Low Back Pain Up to 85% of working class can expect to experience Low Back Pain during their...

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Inflammation is an essential process for healing and recovering from injuries. However, when the inflammation becomes exacerbated or chronic it can lead to a host of pain and disease. The first line of defense to fight these potential negative outcomes is...

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