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Shoulder Rehab

Shoulder Rehab

Pendulum Exercise

Leaning over a table or couch let the arm fully relax down toward the ground. Move the arm in a circular or up and down fashion and feel the gentle traction of the arm against the shoulder socket. To increase the traction forces add weight. Perform 30 sec to a 1:00 min of constant motion.

D1 or Sword opening

Start by standing shoulder width apart. This exercise can be completed with or without a resistance band. Start with your hand on your opposite hip (palm facing hip), then slowly extend the arm up and out (diagonal pattern) and rotate the thumb upward gradually until the arm is overhead. Squeeze the shoulder blade down and in as you move the arm overhead.

Weighted Carry’s

These exercises provide a large traction force on the arm forcing the rotator cuff to reflexively contract against that force. Maintaining proper posture through these holds is paramount.

Over-head Walk

Standing, lift the arm straight overhead holding a dumbbell or kettle bell. Keep the rib cage down and the shoulder blade flush against the rib cage. Maintain that position while you walk a set distance. Take controlled small steps and concentrate on squeezing the muscles surrounding the shoulder blade guiding it down and in.

Farmer’s Walk

This exercise can be performed with any type of weight (briefcase, dumbbell etc) Start by lifting the weight and bringing hands comfortably to your sides. While holding the weights keep your shoulders rolled back and attempt to gently pinch the shoulder blades together. Again, walk for a given distance taking short controlled steps.